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  • Steve Povey

    "Ragged Trousered Philanthropists' We saw you on Tues 29 Sept in Harrogate. We sat on the left hand end of the front row. We are both grey haired and I have a 40 year old beard. The show was great, plenty of action and different delivery. We particularly liked the ad lib from the toff puppet being partial to pigs heads.
    See you in Peckham on 13 November for United we Stand, when it is Jean's birthday treat. Cumbria is a bit of a cultural desert, as far as socialism goes."

  • Emma Walding

    "On The Road To Freedom
    Amazing. Absolutely breathtaking theatre. Enjoyed every second! "

  • Paula Daber

    Thank you for your bravery and conviction? I missed " United we Stand" and "Ragged Trouserd Philamprethists" this time around. I think these double bill productions should be an annual event as a constant reminder of what the working class have fought so hard for and which we now take for granted. When will this tour be repeated please.?

  • carol lacey

    we have just come home from seeing united we stand in ellesmere port it was amazing the cast of 2 were outstanding well done thanks for a great night

  • Richard Stainer

    Superb show last night at the Wolsey. Hugely entertaining but with a real political punch to it. We came out angry as we all should be by this injustice and the refusal of governments to release the documents relating to the case. We need more agitprop theatre like this, which is well written, well performed and.....yes.....fun! Thank you for a great evening of theatre!

  • Phil Sanderson

    "I just wanted to say what a fantastic production at Hull Truck Theatre last night to highlight such an important issue for trade unionists. Please do keep us informed of any new shows. It was a brilliant performance and well received by the many people I have spoken to.


    Phil Sanderson Secretary Hull TUC"

  • Peace Handovsky

    "Saw it in Bristol - absolutely brilliant - everything - production, acting, music, set, the lot.
    and what a story - you couldn't make it up.
    keep doing what you are doing - an inspiration to me."

  • Lorne

    "The Play was fantastic, what a really great production with such fantastic
    acting, singing and musicianship, what talent. A lot of ""the usual suspects"" were
    there and we all really enjoyed the night, fantastic, thank you!
    Very best wishes with the rest of the tour.

  • Russell Corbyn

    "I went to see United We Stand last night at Derby.

    Everything about it was amazing.

    Educational, fun and fantastic.

    Thank you so much xx"

  • Chris and Joan Ure

    This is a very powerful story told through two perfect performances. We saw this production at the Seagull Theatre in Lowestoft. The production standards are as always exceptionally high and both Neil Gore and William Fox give faultless performances in a range of challenging roles. The set is cleverly constructed and the important message is expertly conveyed through drama and song. We always enjoy the Townsend Productions and this one excels again in providing a hugely entertaining evening in a truly memorable production.