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  • Dave Parr

    United we stand was superb, thought provoking and emotional! Apart from that it was rubbish!! If I could find the time I would love to see it again. Thank you Townsend productions for a brilliant Friday night

  • Phil Jackson and Heather Sinclair

    "A message to the comrades who performed We Will Be Free and for all
    those who made it possible

    Just to say we really enjoyed the performance the other night, it was
    brilliantly done and clearly the message still resonates today. I
    remember seeing 7:84 doing the Six Men of Dorset in 1984 during the
    miners strike and have seen Bill Forsythes Comrades, but this stands
    alongside those. Keep doing what you're doing because we really need
    our stuff performed.

    Could you do one based on the Levellers/Diggers, Light Shining In
    Bucks, True Levellers Standard Advanced etc or
    Paris Commune, not sure how they could be done with two performers but
    I'm sure you would find a way.

    Slainte mhath, good luck and 'we are many they are few'

    Phil Jackson and Heather Sinclair"

  • Jon Berry

    "We Will be Free is a brilliantly executed and poignant telling of the stories of the founders of the modern trade union movement. Through song, poetry and fun we are reminded that those of us in the workers' movement have to keep on fighting for ideas that we've inherited and which are as relevant today as they were nearly two centuries ago.'

    Jon Berry
    Hertfordshire Association of Trades Councils"

  • Andy

    That was a great show thanks

  • Sherren McCabe-Finlayson and David Evans

    "Just wanted to say thank you for a beautifully crafted show at Monmouth last evening. We enjoyed every aspect of the performance. Look forward to the next production.
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    Creative Agency"

  • Claire Feehily

    "Saw you at Stroud last night. Brilliant.
    My world was changed by reading Hobsbawm and Rude on Captain Swing a long time ago.
    What you have managed to with so much tragedy was marvellous.
    All the best for the tour. Look forward to the next one.
    My father was on the building sites right through the 70s, so it will mean a great deal."

  • Stuart Butler

    Hello there - thanks for a great night in Stroud - I have posted a warm review on www.radicalstroud.blogspot.co.uk. Hope to see you again somewhere

  • Geoff and Christine Dreyer

    "What a great performance in Dorchester last night. The couple next to us were seeing the show for the second time, and at the end we could see why!
    They came from Puddletown and both had a grandparents who had worked in agriculture - one in Tolpuddle itself. Strangely neither of the couple had been informed about the events of Tolpuddle by their schools or their family.
    We all owe you thanks for keeping the story alive, and in an entertaining and emotional manner. It was a memorable performance in so many ways, and we were particularly stuck by final words spoken by Betsy - Might there be a way of having that final speech being sent to us please? In addition to reading the words we would be very interested if the performance becomes available on DVD.
    Thanks again for a very special evening."

  • Roger and Yvonne

    "What a super – superb – performance – thank you!!
    May we please have the words of Betsy’s closing ‘prayer’ – we’d like to savour again those thoughtful and thought-provoking words.
    Thanks once more."

  • Paul Caputa

    "I am a left wing unionist and activist, I am also a Teacher. I brought my 6th form students to see this piece and they were blown away. Young people are rarely political these days but your play opened their eyes to the continuous unfairness and exploitation of the rich over the poor. In our austere stricken world I hope that the answer that the capitalist come up with is not the same as in 1914. Thank you for a brilliant production, all of my kids enjoyed and understood the show and will be using it in their exams.
    Paul Caputa, Head of Arts JWS"