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  • Stuart Butler

    Hello there - thanks for a great night in Stroud - I have posted a warm review on www.radicalstroud.blogspot.co.uk. Hope to see you again somewhere

  • Geoff and Christine Dreyer

    "What a great performance in Dorchester last night. The couple next to us were seeing the show for the second time, and at the end we could see why!
    They came from Puddletown and both had a grandparents who had worked in agriculture - one in Tolpuddle itself. Strangely neither of the couple had been informed about the events of Tolpuddle by their schools or their family.
    We all owe you thanks for keeping the story alive, and in an entertaining and emotional manner. It was a memorable performance in so many ways, and we were particularly stuck by final words spoken by Betsy - Might there be a way of having that final speech being sent to us please? In addition to reading the words we would be very interested if the performance becomes available on DVD.
    Thanks again for a very special evening."

  • Roger and Yvonne

    "What a super – superb – performance – thank you!!
    May we please have the words of Betsy’s closing ‘prayer’ – we’d like to savour again those thoughtful and thought-provoking words.
    Thanks once more."

  • Paul Caputa

    "I am a left wing unionist and activist, I am also a Teacher. I brought my 6th form students to see this piece and they were blown away. Young people are rarely political these days but your play opened their eyes to the continuous unfairness and exploitation of the rich over the poor. In our austere stricken world I hope that the answer that the capitalist come up with is not the same as in 1914. Thank you for a brilliant production, all of my kids enjoyed and understood the show and will be using it in their exams.
    Paul Caputa, Head of Arts JWS"

  • Yvonne Sewell

    Two wonderful performers, beautiful, passionate, unfettered theatre, a delight. Thank you. So glad I was there. God bless you

  • Kevin Morley

    Saw THE RAGGED TROUSERED PHILANTHROPISTS 2 weeks ago at Southend an absorbing and intimate experience fleshed out by two brilliant actors

  • Tim Forster

    saw you at haleswort last night, fantastic-and so relevant!

  • Chris Ure

    Forgive me! I should have also thanked you for getting the show together over a period of two years. Thank goodness that you had the vision and creativity to see how it could work. As it tours the country, I truly hope that this show will inspire and touch others of a younger generation to understand the important issues that it raises.

  • Bernard J Williamson

    "A wonderful evening in Southend on Sea , the lads worked their socks off to give us the flavour of the times . They made the audience empathise with the 7p men and want to boo and hiss the capitalists. A rollicking roller coaster with hymns and other forgotten songs.
    It's a relevant today as it has ever been. Thanks for a wonderful evening.
    I would have liked to have a CD of the hymns and songs of the day as well as I didn't recognize most of them ."

  • Paul Robinson

    "We thoroughly enjoyed The Ragged Trousered Philantropists in Portsmouth on Sunday. Neil & Richard did a tremendous job...actually they did many jobs tremendously!!
    Thank you for making us smile!
    We're looking forward to seeing many more of your tremendous productions. Thank you for adding to our lives."