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  • Simon Taylor

    Hi, I wanted to thank you for putting on such an enjoyable evening at Countesthorpe last night. As a trade union activist and somebody who has read the novel it was heartening to see such a good turnout for a production sponsored and supported by the trade union movement. The actors were skillful and enthusiastic and the great money trick, being in my view the crux of the book, was presented in an effective and pleasing style. A production I shall happily recommend to all and sundry!

  • Martyn Habberley

    Absolutely gripping, as good an evening as I have ever had in a theatre, two blokes supplied a wide range of characters, a front row seat with our wheelchair enabled us to study the body language close up, thank you gentlemen for an extremely entertaining evening. Fascinating, though, that the Shrewsbury audience, who filed past us, showed us that even Socialists are Middleclass now!

  • Shaun

    Saw the performance last night in Shrewsbury, which was a fantastic experience! It was performed to a full house and a good time was had by all. I particularly liked how approachable the actors were, taking time to mingle and chat with the croud. Very laid back, affable fellows. Highly recommended.

  • Kevin Jones

    "Last night at Liverpool Lantern Theatre was my first opportunity to watch this particular stage version of my favourite book.
    I admit to some scepticism. How could they possibly retain the essence of the book in 90 minutes with just two actors ?
    Happily, my scepticism was unfounded. Brilliant acting from Neil Gore and Fine Time fontayne, combined with superfast changes of costume and character, lighting effects and effective use of a simple set and a few props made this a night to remember. Of necessity many of the books sub plots are omitted. What remains though is the essential story of capitalist greed shown through a group of downtrodden wage slaves, and one man's struggle to educate his fellow workers as to the real reasons for their plight, despite their servile acceptance of the status quo. All the pathos, the humour and the anger of Tressell's book is superbly retained and portrayed.
    Highly recommended.
    Kevin Jones, Chairman, The Association of the Ragged Trousered, www.raggedtrousered.com"

  • Jock

    Great night out in Richmond which moved me to write a review. Wish we had gone to the meet and greet afterwards Good luck with the rest of the tour.

  • Jonathan Cutler

    "Saw the brilliant performance at the Theatre On The Lake, Keswick, in July 2011. Fine Time and Neil autographed the programme which now sits in my treasured copy of the book.
    Will have to see the show again in Aylesbury at the end of this month."

  • Grace Fox

    Excellent evening in Richmond reminding us of what and how the theatre can deliver more than entertainment.

  • Phil Kirshner

    Just in from seeing this in Edinburgh. Absolutely brilliant!!! Acting, performance, staging everything about it was just emotionally rewarding. Well done!

  • Maxine Cox

    Thanks for coming to Barnsley Civic. What talent, it was really hillarious. I havent read the book but will be doing so now.I was really impressed with the acting and quick change of character, the singing and musical ability made it all the more enjoyable, I only wish that we here in Barnsley had got the idea of audience participation in a little earlier!! What a pity the Civic wasnt packed, the production certainly deserved it. Thanks for coming.

  • Michele Noble

    "I was really looking forward to seeing the show tonight at the Harrogate Studio Theatre. I didn't expect it to be so absolutely brilliant! I sat on the front row with my mother Pamela and my friend Ruby. Ruby was invited on stage to help with the money thing. I was overwhelmed by the energy of the actors, their wonderful interpretations of each character. Great bits of business with the fingers! Neil's eyes! Some stunning speeches. I love music hall so was thrilled when we got to sing along with a couple of my favourite numbers; 'When Father papered the Parlour' and 'Two Lovely Black Eyes'. I was just thinking how gorgeous Neil was when he freaked me out by squatting right in front of me as if to attempt to do the farting song. Hahahaha!! I had to hold my head on, my face was stuck to my hands! Well done Rodney for recovering from falling off the box, which must have jolly well hurt, and great ad libbing from Neil when he 'kicked the bucket' hahaha! Great stuff. We all loved it! We had more friends sitting further back and they said they were really impressed with the whole thing too.
    The added narration really works well. I wasn't keen on the puppet show because they looked like muppets but everyone else mentioned that part as a highlight. My mother and Father were both actors so we know how hard those two were working tonight. It was a heatwave here but thankfully there was air conditioning. Still, I was quite relieved to see they were both still alive at the end. Bit worried about them doing a matinee as well as an evening performance tomorrow though! Thank you for putting so much into the show. It is wonderful!"