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  • Chris Carson

    Briliant production, fab performance, excellent script, inspirational and entertaining. Both accesible for those who might be new to the subject(e.g. my wife and daughter) and an impressively well-researched and sensitive treatment for those who know something of it(e.g. me). Thank you, Adelante Camaradas! and Salud!

  • Clare Grant

    "Hello from Scotland
    Just to say: I saw your production in Clydebank Town Hall last night and would have liked the chance to tell the actors what a fantastic performance it was- but if the truth were known, I was running for a bus!
    It was a most excellent show with two extremely talented and versatile actors who worked so well together.
    I would also like to praise a wonderful script which had brilliant touches of humour and real poignancy just where this was needed.
    It really did do justice to the men and women who sacrificed so much and I can't offer much higher praise than that
    I do hope you will come back to Clydebank!
    Good luck with the rest of your run - I am really inspired that so many people across Britain are having the chance to enjoy your show."

  • Gerry McGarry

    "Amazing show in Inverness last night. I haven't been to a small production for a good few years and I forgot how good they are. I'd rather spend my money going to see a show like this than going to the cinema.
    The actors portrayed all the characters brilliantly, especially since they production is based on the life of a real person. It was also interesting to see these actors play a multitude of instruments and also rearranging the set for act 2.
    Having been to Jarama recently, I was amazed at how accurate their descriptions were, especially referring to the wild thyme which is still growing strong and the scent still floats in the air.
    This was such a moving show, especially since we had a family member from Scotland who was a member of the International Brigade and died in the battle of Jarama.
    Thanks again for an amazing night and taking the time to talk to us before and after. I'm looking forward to your next production."

  • David Paul

    "Just wanted to say my daughter and I watched Daredevil in Berwick and have to say thanks.
    I've spent the last few weeks campaigning for election as a Labour candidate in a county council ward in Northumberland which the party has never won, it's a tough gig and I arrived at the theatre last night shattered and grumpy.
    I left two hours later dazzled by the wit, energy and wonderful performance I witnessed. What a clever show. Bravo Mr Gore!"

  • den carter

    saw this excellent play last Friday in Bristol. It was a truly fine piece of theatre and the performances delivered a story with both power and pathos, and no sentimentality. We thought this was a wonderful experience and we thank the writer and other performer for their hard work and professionalism, and this drama serves to remind us that we must never tolerate facism...They Shall Not Pass!

  • Malcolm Smele

    We travelled from Somerset to Burton Bradstock on the south Dorset coast to see this production. It was well worth the effort. The passion and work of both actors was outstanding. The story and interpretation by the writer and performers brought a tear to my eye. Thank you so much.

  • Susan Venn

    Saw Dare Devil Rides to Jarama last night at Blackwood Miners Institute. A history lesson with songs, humour and audience participation, with two fantastic hard working actor/musicians. What a great evening's entertainment. Sad there wasn't a bigger audience to see this wonderful production. I have e-mailed the Arts Council to encourage them to continue supporting you.

  • Leo Thomson

    is a play not to be missed it inspired me when i was going through radio therapy for throat cancer it lifted me up beyond belief an inspired production thank you Louise Townsend for this

  • Rebecca Smith

    This is a brilliant piece of theatre! I had the privilege to see it last night in a lovely village hall in Cadeleigh, mid Devon, as part of a Villages in Action tour. It pulls you in to the story from the very start and has the additional attraction of some very lovely music with beautiful harmonies. I knew very little about this period of history and it was therefore fascinating as well as an excellent evening of entertainment. If this play comes to a hall or theatre near to you, please go and see it!

  • Mike Treble

    "Splendid production, my dad's Spanish teacher from Rutlish School in South London fought in the Spanish Civil war. My dad was only 12 at the time but was very aware of the fight for justice and the people from all walks of life that fought there. The acting during the performance on Friday 3/2/2016 Buckerell near Honiton DEVON supported by Villages in Action was superb well done. The actors Neil Gore and David Haywood brought to life Clem's commitment to the cause of justice. We need people like him now!
    Additionally the drama design, costumes, authentic looking props added to the drama and reality of the time.
    An absolute tribute to all those people who fought for freedom in Spain.
    Please come further South West with the production. Regional drama at its best!"