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  • Carol Wood

    Great production. Had me moved to tears by the end. The way you brought it to the stage is amazing.

  • Angie Mindel

    Really enjoyed the play last night in Nottingham. Brilliantly acted, well designed stage set, serious, funny, songs, audience participation and brought back memories of the time - sadly all too relevant today in terms of management exploitation of workers and the need for strong unions to fight for workers' rights.

    Good luck for rest of tour. My first time for a Townsend production - I will look out for the next one!

  • Beryl Nairn

    Brilliant show at Harrogate Theatre. Fantastic to see Jayaben Desai's story told in such a powerful way. Excellent acting and nuanced script. Emotional and funny too! Good luck with the rest of the tour.

  • Clare Ransom

    Fantastic piece of theatre that rightly brings Mrs Desai to the fore. Love theatre that highlights courageous women. Thank you

  • Chris Ure

    Last night we enjoyed 'We are Lions, Mr Manager' at the Seagull Theatre at Pakefield, Lowestoft.

    Another inspirational production with a wonderful script, and performance by Neil Gore.

    There was an enthusiastic and appreciative audience, and I enjoyed joining the picket line!

    Medhavi Patel was passionate and faultless in her portrayal of Jayaben Desai - both moving and challenging. A truly wonderful actor. Even in her silent moments, her face demonstrated determination, courage and dignity.

    The irony is that the play still resonates totally with issues today, such as workers rights, union recognition and also harassment at work.

    We so much look forward to these plays and this production was well supported at the Seagull. They particularly appreciated the opportunity to chat to Neil and Medhavi afterwards.

    I note that there is a heavy touring schedule coming up with Poole one night and Liverpool the next!

    We are so fortunate to have these productions visit the area each year. The songs are always stirring and I wish we could get some on CD. I have searched online, but can't find a compilation yet. 'Hold the Line' and 'Talking Grunwick' were both hugely inspirational.

    I have just ordered Jack Dromey's book 'Grunwick, the Worker's Story'.

  • susan heron

    another fantastic performance from Townsend - love it love it love it :)

  • Marie Gray

    I saw the play at Blantyre Miners Welfare this evening * it was brilliant! The story telling, the music & audience participation made for a very memorable night. Great job & best of luck for the remainder of your programme.

  • Christine

    I saw We Are The Lions Mr Manager tonight at the Working Class Movement Library, Salford with two friends. Fabulous performance by talented actors, great to see Jayaben Desai"s story and that of the Grunwick Strike being shared. Glad to see an Asian woman playing the part of Jayaben. Look and learn Hollywood.

  • Adrian Colburn

    Brillant performance tonight from Two extremely talented Actors - In my opinion The play's Theme was excellantly protrayed - The serious points were balanced well with Some light hearted momments - audience involement was most welcome - Medhavi Patel ( hopefuly correct -no programe) was Outstanding - I thank you BOTH for a throughly enjoyable Evening - Do I can attend one of the future proformances
    All the Very Best -Adrian 07902 11088

  • Julia Johnson

    Unfortunately, we saw the final performance of this play .. Maybe the last ever - but hopefully not (there was some mention of a possibility it may be performed at the Tolpuddle Festival?) .. I say unfortunately because otherwise my review would be NOT TO BE MISSED!
    Completely blown away by the two actor/singer/musician cast of Neil Gore (also the writer) and David Heywood. An amazing story,masterfully told and obviously thoroughly researched completely fulfilling the aim of the International Brigade Memorial Trust
    ""keeping alive the memory and spirit of the men and women who volunteered to defend democracy and fight fascism in Spain from
    1936 to 1939"".