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  • Paul Bloomfield MP

    Great performance from Townsend Productions at The Lantern theatre tonight. Don't miss last night tomorrow or see them on tour http://www.townsendproductions.org.uk/home

  • Lusia McAnna

    Brilliant performance at The Witham tonight of Dare Devil Rides to Jarama- Great script, music, singing and acting-a spectacular and passionately delivered homage to the memory and spirit of the International Brigades. So many gave up their lives, so that we could be free. Un dia venceremos! Thank you

  • Katy Andrews

    Thank you so much for bringing this little known story to our corner of the world. It was emotional, entertaining and educational. I have been inspired to learn more! How can we get more young people to come along and engage with our history? This is so incredibly relevant in today's climate.

  • Councillor Charlie Smith

    "I wanted to say how much I enjoyed Dare Devil Rides to Jarama at the Bussey Building. It was thought provoking as well as being entertaining. I have seen the Raggard Trousered Philanthropist and the Ricky Tomlinson play, also at the Bussey Building and therefore look forward to your next production."

  • Ken Todd

    Many thanks for visiting us in Margate. A most enjoyable evening that shed a light on an amazing character and little known part of history. All done in such an entertaining manner and style. Brilliant production - congratulations.

  • Leo Thompson

    This play was a classic must admit when i seen it at our local Loganlea Miners Social Club i was astounded what a play the emotion the acting the storyline do not miss this one summed up Fantastic Louise Townsend take a bow !!! for a great production Thank U

  • Mary Morris

    Congratulations on such an interesting, poignant and brilliantly written and acted production!

  • Mo H

    What a dare devil ride full of humour, social responsibility, comradeship and tragedy. A heartfelt tribute to the International Brigade and an astounding piece of theatre stunningly performed. Thank you Townsend Productions and thank you Hertford Theatre.

  • Richard Baxell

    I thoroughly recommend this. Entertaining, engaging and informative.

  • Chris Ure

    We saw the show in Lowestoft tonight and the audience was extremely appreciative. It is a brilliantly written and creative show using music, poetry and wonderfully descriptive dialogue. It has so many strengths not just a true story, powerfully told but also inspirational performances and remarkably clever set construction, which is completely transformed during the interval. We have seen this Company several times before at the Seagull Theatre and they never fail to impress. There is an important place in modern theatre for this type of political storytelling made famous in the last century at the renowned 'Unity Theatre' and Townsend Productions keeps that important radical tradition alive today. The audience cannot fail to be entertained, moved and challenged in equal measure. An extraordinary tribute on the anniversary of the Spanish Civil War. Both Neil and David are exceptional actors and musicians and have a great rapport with their audience. A hugely enjoyable show.