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  • other 1

    Powerful and inspirational production of Dare Devil Rides to Jarama at Harrogate tonight.

  • Jo Barker

    Just seen play at Harrogate theatre 'Dare Devil Rides To Jarama' beautifully+passionately delivered.

  • David Bulmer

    Dare Devil Rides to Jarama- would recommend to Harrogate friends - excellent

  • Andrew Love

    Nip to see @townsendprod @HGtheatre - Poetic script from Neil Gore, brilliant performance from @DavidHeywood123

  • Paul Burns

    "Another tour de force from Townsend productions ! Yet again a lively and engaging participatory presentation from 2 cracking and very believable actors bringing a major historical event to life through the passionate retelling of 2 men's stories of sacrifice. Really thought-provoking, especially in the current political cIimate when politicians (H.Benn) are invoking the memory of SCW veterans. Inspiring, too- I've even gone out to buy the 'Death of an Airman' book by 'Sprigg'! I really don't know if these stories can be done better than this! And my 11 year old daughter agrees !! I shall be recommending this play to everybody I speak with, around the UK. MORE MORE MORE.
    Paul Burns"

  • Paul Burns

    "Dear all, thoroughly enjoyed 'Devil.....' production tonight; will try to go again this week. Good luck for the rest of the tour and beyond.
    Paul Burns"

  • Will Gee

    First time to Peckham / Townsend. Saw RTP on Monday 27th. Have been to theatre maybe 150 times in last 5 years and this goes to top of my list! Superb acting, lively pace, kept true to essence of the book - truly wonderful!! Thank you and see you in November for United we Stand. Also great venue and Spanish Civil War exhibition.

  • Fran

    Fab show in Harrogate last night (2 October). Wonderful performances by Neil and Jonathan. Loved it, and will be recommending it to everyone I know!

  • Steve Povey

    "Ragged Trousered Philanthropists' We saw you on Tues 29 Sept in Harrogate. We sat on the left hand end of the front row. We are both grey haired and I have a 40 year old beard. The show was great, plenty of action and different delivery. We particularly liked the ad lib from the toff puppet being partial to pigs heads.
    See you in Peckham on 13 November for United we Stand, when it is Jean's birthday treat. Cumbria is a bit of a cultural desert, as far as socialism goes."

  • Emma Walding

    "On The Road To Freedom
    Amazing. Absolutely breathtaking theatre. Enjoyed every second! "