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  • Jasmine Warwick

    I went to see the show at the Lantern Theatre in Sheffield this evening and you gave me a feedback form – so here’s what I thought:

    I didn’t know much about Mary Macarthur, probably just the name. I did visit Cradley Heath many years ago but I’m ashamed to say that I’d forgotten the story of what happened.
    I think the story is very relevant today, given the pressures that so many working people are under – as well as the many who aren’t employed.
    I didn’t have any particular expectations before I went to see it – I generally try not to have expectations when I go to see a show.
    I haven’t been to a Townsend Production before – but would definitely go again. I thought it was really well put together, and got across the message really powerfully, memorably – and simply, which is quite an achievement!
    I go to the theatre and live productions a lot (and sometimes, if I’m lucky, I get to perform). I value live theatre – it can be so powerful at getting meaning across, and making it memorable.
    I know that I won’t forget this show, and when I next go to Cradley Heath I’ll really know what’s it’s all about.
    I’d definitely go to see one of your productions in the future if I get the chance.

    THANK YOU! (and see you again, I hope)

  • Lorraine

    Thank you for a really wonderful evening - Rouse Ye Women was informative and hugely entertaining

  • Austin

    Saw the show last night at The Rondo in Bath
    Bloody fantastic
    Had a pint with Neil afterwards
    We want him to come and stage his next play for Bath CLP



  • K M Poplett

    Were lucky enough to get return tickets for The Ragged trousered philanthropists on a weekend trip to Shrewsbury. Riveted by the performance, couldn't ever manage to read the whole book so grateful for this fantastic production. Will be looking out for Mary Macarthur and the women chainmakers. Keep up the good work.

  • Philip Manners

    Attended Ragged Trousered Philanthropist at Tara Arts last night.Enjoyed the production which was witty and thought provoking. Good to have audiance participation which worked well.

  • Jane Shaw

    I didn't have a pen to complete the feedback form in Barton last night. I wanted to see the performance because I saw United We Stand in Hull a couple of years ago which was excellent and I wasn't disappointed. What a tremendous production and what a feat to remember all the words and more especially which character you were at the time. Thank you so much for a thoughtful and thought-provoking performance.

  • Ian Gent

    Watched the performance of Ragged Trousered Philanthropists at the Ropewalk in Barton last night. Really enjoyed it - hats off (all of them) to Neil for putting on a splendid show. He didn't scamp on anything...

  • Eddie Lopez

    Will the tour come to Exeter or Plymouth?

  • Martin Hughes

    Saw the play about Grunwick last night. Thoroughly brilliant and congratulations on reviving this important passage of history. Having participated in the mass picket at Grunwick this had particular resonance for me.

  • Ray Newton

    I was lucky enough to see the show last might in Hertford and I loved it. It was my kind of theatre entertaining and informative with lots of multi role playing, comedy and serious business all put together wityh the background of a human story. While I was watching to suddenly dawned on me that Grunwick is part of a much bigger story. The failure of the TUC and the Labour government to back the strikers I fear had an important imact on the Thatcher government that followed that Labour administration. Looking back the lessons Thatcher learned from Grunwick helped her to formulate policies that helped to destroy the unions. She with the aid of the right wing press and people like Murdoch in the Canary Wharf dispute helped her to put together strategies that helped her to destroy the union movement by picking them of one by one. It culminated with the decimation of the miners union in the miners strike. It has left us with few powerful unions and zero hours contracts which adly and for reasons I still don't understand are widely accepted by the working population. I would love to see a play about that including deregulation of the financial system and neocon economic policies which have made the rich richer and the poor poorer. I would love to see a play about that. A tall order I admit, but one perhaps worth exploring. Have a gret end to the run.
    Ray Newton
    PS I am the guy who approached Neil at the end of last night's performance.