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  • Julia Johnson

    Unfortunately, we saw the final performance of this play .. Maybe the last ever - but hopefully not (there was some mention of a possibility it may be performed at the Tolpuddle Festival?) .. I say unfortunately because otherwise my review would be NOT TO BE MISSED!
    Completely blown away by the two actor/singer/musician cast of Neil Gore (also the writer) and David Heywood. An amazing story,masterfully told and obviously thoroughly researched completely fulfilling the aim of the International Brigade Memorial Trust
    ""keeping alive the memory and spirit of the men and women who volunteered to defend democracy and fight fascism in Spain from
    1936 to 1939"".

  • Deborah Peel

    "Fantastic two hander! ...although it's hard to believe there were only two of them as they slipped seamlessly from one character to another. The first half was rousing, funny and told the story of two brigaders in a very human way. The songs and music were great!
    Lovely theatre too"

  • Mark Rogers

    "Sandwiched by the two major world conflicts of the Twentieth Century, the Spanish Civil War is perhaps under-represented in film
    and theatre, so Dare Devil Rides to Jarama is very welcome, being a heartfelt and engaging production.
    The first act shows how motorcyclist Clem Beckett becomes inspired by Communism in his life to the point where he heads off to join
    the International Brigade in Spain, whilst the second follows his time there.
    The songs and music, nodding to George Formby and the political passions of the characters, entertain throughout. The
    performances of David Heywood and Neil Gore are enthusiastic and charming hitting the changing tone of the play perfectly.
    This is an immersive, entertaining and enlightening show that deserves to be

  • Jan Broadbent

    "Great acting, poetry, singing and instrument-playing in this two man show.
    A reminder of recent history of Spain was quite moving.
    Tara theatre is different; small, comfy seating and staff are very welcoming and friendly.
    Look forward to seeing their next production in November, if at all possible.
    Thank you for a very good evening."

  • Denzil Darby

    "A fine piece of theatre. Based on the lives of two men from different backgrounds, who took up arms for The Republic of Spain
    against Franco's Nationalists. Funny and amusing in parts before it gave way to sombre reality of war. Very well written & performed.
    I raise my hat to the production company."

  • Rosemary Barnes

    "A two-hander performed with great energy by the cast. The play tells the story of Clem Beckett, a stunt rider from Lancashire who
    fuelled by idealism heads off to fight against Fascism in Spain. The first half sees a high-octane performance from David Heywood as
    the working class hero whereas the second half draws a nuanced portrayal of a Communist poet from Neil Gore who also wrote the
    play. Music and songs add to the brio of the piece."

  • Myriam Brunswic Citron

    "Don't miss it, closing this week! A compelling and entertaining piece of theatre.
    Moving,this two hander brilliantly acted and sung by Neil Gore, the writer and Davis Heywood gives us a fascinating insight Into the
    Spanish civil war illustrating the international social and historical tensions between fascism and the idealistic poorly armed
    communist forces of liberation.
    The newly rebuilt Tara Arts centre is well worth a visit for its interesting architectural details. This cosy hundred seater theatre is
    literally just across road from Earlsfield station."

  • ‎Jan Dodgeon

    Dare devil rides to Jarama" was entertaining and thought-provoking. Amazing to think how the youth of many countries gathered in Spain in the 1930s to fight the rise of fascism there.

  • Chris Carson

    Briliant production, fab performance, excellent script, inspirational and entertaining. Both accesible for those who might be new to the subject(e.g. my wife and daughter) and an impressively well-researched and sensitive treatment for those who know something of it(e.g. me). Thank you, Adelante Camaradas! and Salud!

  • Clare Grant

    "Hello from Scotland
    Just to say: I saw your production in Clydebank Town Hall last night and would have liked the chance to tell the actors what a fantastic performance it was- but if the truth were known, I was running for a bus!
    It was a most excellent show with two extremely talented and versatile actors who worked so well together.
    I would also like to praise a wonderful script which had brilliant touches of humour and real poignancy just where this was needed.
    It really did do justice to the men and women who sacrificed so much and I can't offer much higher praise than that
    I do hope you will come back to Clydebank!
    Good luck with the rest of your run - I am really inspired that so many people across Britain are having the chance to enjoy your show."