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  • kirsty c

    Brilliant! Just back from the Beeston show. Thanks for an enjoyable evening.

  • Jayne

    Tremendous piece of recent social history, performed superbly tonight by two outstanding actors and musicians. Thank you.

  • Michelle Kets

    "We came to watch the show last night and brought my 84yr old grandad he loved it ! This was his first experience of live theatre and he thought it was fantastic, he now cannot wait to see your other productions and come again to see this when it comes to manchester in the spring ! Thanks for such a great night"

  • Paul and Emma

    "Saw ""We Will be Free"" earlier this year at Edge Hill University Arts Centre ...An excellent show!

    Have just returned from seeing ""United We Stand"" (the night it rained inside)....Even Better! So Very innovative and loved the music.
    .....We missed ""Ragged Trousers"" when it was on at Edge Hill...Any chance you could return with it?? Overall, highly recommended - real talented people!"

  • Tommy Kane

    "Saw United We Stand last night, tremendous entertainment by two actors at the top of their craft and by a company who time and time again skillfully tell complex stories with just 2 actors. The story itself is incredible in exposing the extent to which the state; judiciary, Tories and police will conspire with bosses to keep workers down. The same class struggle goes on today, only yesterday we saw how Blacklisted workers were treated when protesting at the HQ of Blacklisters Laing O'Rourke, a company who 'incidentally' were also involved in 1972. How the class struggle changes whilst at the same time stays the same. Lest we forget."

  • Fatima Uygun

    "Great wee play, 'United We Stand'. Touring across Britain. Great musical
    direction by John Kirkpatrick"

  • Susan E Heron

    Yeah their use of music and there ability to change characters completely with a hat - amazing

  • Jim Monaghan

    are great, very few theatre groups doing real political stuff these days. I was lucky to be warm-up act for them when they toured The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists at Loganlea Miners. Neil is brilliant, I love the way they use music

  • JIM Carlin

    "just back from the show . thoroughly enjoyed it very powerful performance , great acting and of historical significance and importance for trade union activists and socialists"

  • Stephen Smellie

    Great performance in Blantyre last night. Neil and Paul delivered the story songs and humor in great style. I'd buy a cd of the songs if one was available.